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Zcash Casinos


Zcash (Zec) is incrementally attaining its standing in the cryptocurrency community, making it a fashionable solution for online operation.
Attributable to its full privacy, professionals now preferably choose to mine, buy, and gamble by using Zcash.

Zcash launched in 2016 and rapidly evolved into favorite cryptocurrency in the gambling sphere only because of its design of staying anonymous. Unlike its big brother, Bitcoin, all financial transactions with Zcash performed extremely private by camouflaging the transaction info like the sender address,  recipient address and the total of the transaction from the public blockchain.

Betting for  Zcash
If you have been gambling using cryptocurrencies, then using Zcash would be simpler and easier for you to learn. Just like any other coins out there, today, that can be used in online gambling websites, Zcash has it’s own wallet which you able to deposit and withdrawal to any casinos that accept the coin. If you are new to Zcash, you can quickly learn more about it through their official website.

You can buy Zcash from an exchange, such as EXMO or Ookcoin.

Learn more at live4gambling.

Binary options as an investment vehicle in Bitcoins


With the recent massive growth in value, investors are currently speculating about a bitcoin price prediction for 2018.   The world of Bitcoin and Altcoin trading is exciting and dynamic. It is not for the faint-hearted or mentally ill-equipped. There are unique opportunities to both make, and lose, a lot of money.

When trading bitcoin binary options, As with any derivative trading, the underlying asset is not sold or bought, but the investor decides which price to close the trade. The higher the price movement that bitcoin makes, the higher the potential for profits.

Everything seems to be digital these days, but having your currency stored only on the web or in the cloud creates vulnerability. There is no vault of gold bars backing up Bitcoin. You can’t carry them around in your pocket. If someone hacks into or crashes your online wallet or virtual coin storage, you may lose everything. Lost Bitcoin cannot be retrieved and may end up out of circulation entirely.


Coinbase also has a limit on how much you can buy, the more you buy over time to more verification you will need to give. However, on the flip side, once you have proven to be a trustworthy user you have a license to buy more per individual transaction.

Binary Options brokers have already begun offering Bitcoin as an underlying asset in early 2013

Bitcoins are decentralized digital money, so there is no sole owner. The system runs on P2P Servers around the globe and belonging to different people. It makes Bitсoin immune to any inimical factors as well as inflation. Besides, Bitcoin is increasingly popular worldwide; therefore the trader appetite for this instrument is intensifying.

The official CFD Brokers comparison

CFD stands for Contract for Difference.It is an agreement between two parties to exchange the difference between the opening price and closing price of the trade.
The CFD reflects the price fluctuation between the underlying asset opening price and the closing price
A trader can open a trade b placing a ‘long’ trade on the underlying asset. To make a profit, in this case, he wants the price of that instrument to rise.

he can also open a trade by placing a ‘Short’ trade on the share, index. To make a profit, he wants the price of that instrument to fall.
Foreign Exchange and CFD trading involves significant risk of loss
CFD Trading is one of the hottest of careers nowadays. The market comprises of all the major financial assets in the world, including Gold, Silver CFD Futures, Energies, Shares and even ETFs.
Even if from browsing the web one can be confused by the amount of CFD brokers that are operation online there are only a few good CFD brokers
CFD Trading is not free of cost except commission there are other charges made by the brokers. has been testing dozens of Brokers for a long time. Last week it published the official CFD Brokers comparison.

The official CFD Brokers comparison
No. Brokers Spreads Deposit Regulation Review
1. Varies 250 MIFid, FCA, Consob, CyesC
Visit Broker
Read Review
2. 1.2 $150 FCA
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binary options are Back as Investors Fear Grows

Can retail investors buy binary options?
binary options were identified as major culprits of the recent financial crisis in the hands of large banks and other financial institutions, but how can retail investors participate in the fun? According to Bloomberg, those exotic options are Back as Investor Fear Grows.Deutsche Bank AG is sharply reducing its trading in binary options, CFD and Forex, marking a fresh retreat from a market. Nowadays Deutsche Bank Seeks $8.6 Billion Selling Shares at Discount.
The most attracting instruments today are

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CFD trading volumes will increase in the next year

When you trade CFDs, you can trade volumes that exceed many times your opening investment. European trade volumes will plateau at the start of next year, before recovering pace.
Experts say they expect that CFD trading volumes will increase in the next year
CFDs offer the possibility to benefit from both bullish and bearish markets.
Before you start trading CFD you should Compare between the best CFD brokers in the UK.
All of the binary options brokers listed in are licensed to operate in the UK

Read about the best brokers in the UK in

How to verify if Live-casino is honest with its players?

There are still suspicious gamblers who doubt that the game is played in real time. So, how to check the integrity of a live online casino?
It’s very simple to do, enough to ask the dealer in chat to make you some sign – a smile, tilt his head or wave his hand. And to ensure the identity of the results, you can go in the same game at the same time from different computer or tablet.

Tempobet has launched an extended Live Casino with Evolution Gaming, using live footage streamed simultaneously from both Malta and Latvia.
Evolution Gaming is one the leading live dealer gaming suppliers that has benefited greatly in 2016 as more land-based casinos continue to
Evolution Gaming is one the leading live dealer gaming suppliers that has benefited greatly in 2016 as more land-based casinos continue to move their operation to the web.


How to make a profit when Bitcoin price decreases.

How to make a profit when Bitcoin price is increasing.
Margin trading is a financial instrument that involves leverage. It enables traders to open positions with more than they own. CEX.IO currently offers margin trading with 1:2 and 1:3 leverages on BTC/USD, BTC/EUR, and ETH/BTC pairs. More options are expected to to be added in future.

Advantages of Margin Trading

Traders can Open position with 1:2 or even 1:50 leverage, depending on the risk the want to take.
Rollover fee is charged only while a position is opened and is not charged for the first 4 hours.

How to make a profit when Bitcoin price is increasing

If a trader is predicting an increase in Bitcoin price, then he should consider opening a long position.

How to make a profit when Bitcoin price decreases.

Traders can also make a profit when Bitcoin price decreases. In terms of margin trading, this is called short position.
BitCoin Margin trading and other options are available at the following links: